Montessori links and books and materials


Ministry of Education  for Montessori New Zealand montessori new zealand for Montessori international ami1 ami2 ami3 for famous Montessori graduates for a video about Montessori google founders video testimonial for montessori


NAMC Montessori Teacher Training Centre (North American Montessori Teacher Training Centre)

Parents are encouraged to read the books by Dr Montessori etc.:

‘The Secret of Childhood’   the secret of childhood

‘The discovery of the child’ the discovery of the child

‘The absorbent mind’    the absorbent mind    

 ‘Montessori A Modern Approach’ montessori a modern approach

‘Maria Montessori, her life and work’ maria montessori her life and work

Montessori Way montessori way

Could be found in public libraries and our school library     for understanding Montessori materials’ purposes  infant care Object permanence box with tray

root Botany category example (Root)

land and water form cards  Geograpy category example (Land and water form cards)

pink tower and broad stairs Sensorial category example (Pink tower and broad stairs)



red and blue rods