our programme and fees

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ECE 20 hours free and WINZ subsidy available

Our school caters for:

Class:   0-3 years old

Class:   3-6 years old   

(At least 3 sessions each week to settle to the routine)

Monday to Friday        8am to 5am

ECE 20 hours:             free     

30 hours:                     9am to 3pm  (best recommended Montessori work cycles)

45 hours:                     8am to 5am

Enrollment fee for a child: a fruit tree and a plant (conditions apply.)

If a child stays on for 3 years till 6 years old, the last year will be free.  According to Maria Montessori, 0-6 years old is the sensitive period. From 7 years on, a child enters another developmental plane.  In the classroom, when a child is 5-6, she/he will be the ‘oldest’, a leader, who will develop their awareness of leadership and responsibility.

Withdraw notice:         two weeks

 Enrollments need to be in consultation with center manager.  Thanks


Our school will provide on a yearly basis:

Two parent education evenings/afternoons

Two parent interviews 

Four Newsletters

Trips into the community

Four Montessori magazines

Four family days into the classroom

Four term end concerts

Digital photos and videos

Projects books: science, music, language, cultural


Upon graduation:

A portfolio

A child’s timeline