Our school is open and accepting enrollments

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Situated in the heart of Te Awamutu, in a beautiful character house, on 309 Rutherford St (Off Bank St., opposite Young St.).

Our centre is dedicated to delivering an authentic, genuine Montessori programme.

Having received enormous support from our neighbours we look forward to giving back to the community.

Contact Details

Landline:              280 7284

Email:                    montessorilittlehands@gmail.com

Website:              www.littlehands.school.nz (under construction)

Please feel free to make contact to arrange a viewing time and meet our staff.

‘The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence’ – Maria Montessori

We called our school Montessori Little Hands because of this quote. The hands are linked to brain development and the materials used within our school are manipulative, preparing the child for writing from day one. The early formative years are the important foundation for the child’s life and we take our role in this seriously. The child is a competent being not a blank slate. Character building and a love of learning are developed that will stay with the child through life. And it all begins with the little hands.

Opportunities within our school

Languages & Cultures

     Maria Montessori found a young child is super sensitive for language absorption. Our classrooms provide opportunities for your child to explore other languages and encourage their use. Parents, whanau and staff will be welcome to share their culture.


Maria Montessori found musical ability is innate within children. Young children (under 2) have ‘inner movement’ which reflects rhythm and by 3 years can distinguish notes. Older children at our centre will be encouraged to learn musical instruments such as violins and ukuleles.

Environmental Awareness

Our centre will use environmentally friendly practices. Much of our furniture is recycled from the native timber found during our renovations. Composting and recycling will be normal parts of the day as will growing their own fruit and vegetables and tending the grounds to bring wildlife in to their classroom.

Community Building

We firmly believe in ‘learning together, growing together’. Our children will go out into the community and the community will be invited in. The children will contribute to their community.


The Montessori Method does not require adults to lead. Our staff will observe, record and facilitate your child’s learning. We will have a higher adult to child ratio than required by the Ministry of Education to help with this and also ensure children are free to move inside and out as they need.