our teachers

Miss AnushaMiss Anusha (guide)

IMG_8317Miss Marian (guide)

IMG_0220 Miss Helen (lead guide)

IMG_8970Whaea Erena (guide/part-time)

IMG_9910Miss Selina (guide)

IMG_2216Miss Lili (guide)

IMG_9064Mr.FitzPatrick (Manager & guide)


In Montessori education, the primary teacher is the environment, other children are the second teacher, and the guide is only the 3rd.

‘Teaching, Guiding, Sparking, Facilitating, and Never interrupting’

The teachers in our school: “He (children) must increase, I (teachers) must decrease” Our teachers’ role is facilitating, guiding and answering children’s needs.  Not to point out a child’s ‘error’.  Primary duties include teaching, observing, and recording. 

This teaching includes such details as from how to walk inside the classroom, how to put spread on the toast, how to wash a leaf of a plant, how to put on a jacket, to where to find a rubber and pencil sharpener for carrying out a writing task, and to return them to their proper place afterwards so that others can find them.  Everything has a place and a purpose in our classroom just like each child has a place and purpose in our world.  We understand that to expect a child to do right things when he/she is not showed the right ways to do them at first is not giving them the tools.  Letting a child do whatever he/she wants is a similar scenario.  Real freedom is to do the right things.

Our teachers

All of our full-time teachers are New Zealand registered and Montessori qualified, dedicated to Montessori philosophy and method and above all dedicated to children and humanity.

In our centre, we call our teachers guide.  Our Montessori guides are to model behaviours, follow the child, leading from behind, adding the fuel, stepping back, and watching quietly the child glow.