parents’ testimonial

“Dear Mr. FitzPatrick, thanks for creating a wonderful school.  We’re proud to have been part of the beginning of something great.”                  –Sacha & Cohen’s mum

IMG_4965look at me & my brother


“Braydon has been at Montessori Little Hands since he was three years old.  As he is almost six years old now he is going to a bigger school called Te Awamutu Primary School.  Braydon has grown into a lovely young boy who loves learning.  He is caring, sensitive, smart and handsome.  He has absolutely loved being at Montessori Little Hands for the past three years and has grown so much.  Braydon has learned to read and write here and often displays at home the good things he has learned here at Montessori.  Braydon has enjoyed getting to know everyone and all the guides and talks about you often.  Braydon loves the outdoor and learns so much from being outside.  From the day he started here he has loved the outdoor area and the gardens.  He has learned to focus very well on activities that he does and he can sit for hours and work on a task.  He loves working on something until he completes it even when it is bedtime.  Thank you to all the guides who have helped shape Braydon into the boy he is !!  We will miss dropping him off here each day ! ”    -Braydon & Caitlin’s mum Renee